Apple Easy Pay self check out service VS NFC payment.

After reading the article at which showcase how apple testing a self check out service at apple store and probably perfected it.

Here’s what I think…

iTunes check out IS THE FUTURE of hassle free shopping payment experience, been suspecting it always to be true. (Google NFC chip will be obsoleted over night)

The only problem is how to prevent shop-lifting.

Ok, we know a couple of things here about EasyPay (apple app for self check out)..this need you to have the latest iOS 5 with GPS turned on…active iTunes account with valid credit/debit card security code.

Let me think of a solution for Apple.

  1. iTunes account to have photographs of the account holder.
  2. Once anyone who purchase using the check out app “Easy pay” iTunes will put their Name & face on the display with images of items purchased using the app.
  3. This means the app activated GPS location service to determine which store you are in then after payment transaction done using the app sends the receipt to the store to display on the LCD screen your face & items purchased :D

  4. You passed by an RFID gantry before the exit matching all the items & one by one being checked as paid on the big screen as you walk out.
  5. If any items that’s not paid will be shown on the screen as the security guard will frown & check your receipt again.
  6. If all is ok, you will have a big “Thank you for shopping at Apple!” shown with a jingle. :D

This system will be usable for ANY kind of retail shops that tags their products especially electronic store.

For shops that don’t have such elaborate set up for self check out…..but have counters instead…can implement the usual iTunes iPad log in terminal at the counter.

  1. Counter service person scan your product one by one via usual bar code scanner.
  2. Items display with total amount required.
  3. Counter iPad display payment service via Easy Pay app.
  4. Customer key in details and iTunes send receipt to iPad & send email receipt to customer too.
  5. Satisfied customer payment experience.