Apple please add a feature to temporary turn off notifications from all apps

I believe I am not alone in this quest to have a simple short cut in the control center to turn off all notifications from appearing at least temporarily for a specific time or until I manually turn it back on.

As a youtuber trying to record the screen of the iPhone is troublesome as it become apparent that I need to turn off notification from each application one by one to prevent them from showing up on the screen.

Solutions found online that doesn’t work

  1. Do Not Disturb and Lock 

    Do Not Disturb also only has an effect when your phone screen is locked. When your phone is locked, its screen doesn’t react to your touch but it can still receive texts, calls and other notifications.

    Problem: I am trying to record the screen when the phone screen is unlocked.

  2. Disable notification via settings

    Problem: As my phone have hundreds of applications, to disable each one of them temporarily and then enable them after filming my video is just too tedious & time consuming. Sometimes I forget to turn back the notification and missed some important messages which is even more frustrating.

The problem is my iPhone is  unable to quickly disable the notification entirely for the purpose of making videos while the screen is on & unlocked and quickly enable back all the notification again.

I feel there could be a way to save the settings of which applications are “preferred” to have notification turned on or off when a short cut button in control center is toggled.

That way it will be a 3 second preparation to film the videos on screen compared to a 2 minute tweaking of the settings of the notifications that had been turned on…and turn them off one by one.

I know it’s a small request but I believe it will be a killer feature as many people do not want their privacy intruded when they let their friends use the phone for a short period of time and a private message pops up.