What I wish for iPhone 2012.

Understanding iOS 6 had already given plenty of information about the operating system features the rest of the hardware is just playing catch up with other manufacturers, however Apple have always have their way of refining the hardware to be more compelling then the competitors.

I just wish iPhone 2012

  1. to be more durable but beautifully designed hardware
  2. water proof
  3. scratch proof
  4. harden enough to withstand ordinary impacts from drops from 10 meters.
  5. thinner hardware
  6. larger/longer screen with wide display for movies
  7. better security
  8. better NFC
  9. better speakers
  10. better/smaller dock connectors
  11. more sensors like motion sensors for gestures, temperature sensors, heart beat and more
  12. international LTE instead of just USA 4G
  13. won’t heat up like “The New iPad”
  14. better battery life with automatic battery life management
  15. better customisation for user interface like number of icons on the spring boards, arrangements and etc.

That’s all I wanted for the new iPhone 2012 and hopefully Apple can fulfil my wishes.

That’s all I wanted from Apple.