My experience in learning how to reverse on electric unicycle!

I had been riding self balancing electric unicycle for almost 8 to 9 months now and I had always convince myself that going backwards is not necessary.

However, whenever I sees anyone going reverse in real life or on online video makes me envious of them!

There are some benefits of learning how to ride in reverse.

  • You can use this skill to learn how to spin 180 which going reverse is the prerequisite
  • You can reverse 3-point turn at a narrow¬†path instead of stopping, step down, turn, step up.
  • It’s a crowd pleaser, it may even impress normal riders

Below are my learning experiences and bottom is the findings of my experiences!

Let’s talk about learning how to reverse, any experts can also offer their experiences & tips!

1. I realised if I reverse using a hunch back, it will be so fast & uncontrollable hence I recommend the usual straight body but use your leg to lean instead of your upper body.

2. When trying to keep straight, it’s like back to the basic of going forward. As long your body is straight, you can go straight. But when you reverse after going forward, you need to quickly adjust to be straight again. That’s the tricky part that need to practice a lot to learn

3. I heard people advice that twisting the body can let me reverse the unicycle for longer period of time, it does but only if you do it at the right timing and correct strength. Twisting too hard makes you turn to a different direction instead of straight.

4. I have yet to learn how to turn in reverse hence may need some more practice to get the skills of reversing & turning to the direction I want without falling off.

Serious safety tips:
– Wear a helmet and wrist guard. I had fallen like many times on my back with my hand blocking the fall and back of head touched the ground.

Majority of the falls are of low speed types, hence it’s not that serious and much of the impact is on my buttocks and I do get a little stiff neck as I tighten my muscle too much when I fall.

– if you have Airwheel pull bar on your electric unicycle, unscrew it and remove the pull bar so that it won’t affect your legs when reversing.

– Practice makes perfect, find out the correct method and practice it just like how you learn going forward. :D

Brand new youtube channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews

I am moving some of my original videos from my own channel to this channel to focus on the topics.

This will be my new channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews :D

Here’s the playlist for electric unicycle

V-Log Day 1 – 2nd April 2015 – sick & fat

I had been putting off exercising for far too long, it’s about time to pick it back up and be healthy once more.

AirWheel Smart MarsRover X5 Review

Reviews of AirWheel Smart Marsrover X5 in Singapore via local distributor

Purchased my AirWheel X5 back in 12th August 2014 and here’s my honest review.

For the first few days are the hardest as learning to ride is tiring & scary, had a few falls but nothing serious. Luckily I bought some knee, elbow, palm guards and helmet.

After I learnt to ride the AirWheel, it’s almost magical. I remembered the old fancination of having a hover board after the movie “Back to the Future” and the feeling is just that…futuristic & awesome.

The AirWheel is not very noisy but a bit noisy when you fall down with beeping noise if the AirWheel topple over with automatic shut down of motor for safety.

The pedals for the AirWheel X5 have an annoying problem of getting sore foot at the middle as there is a gap in the middle of the pedal. To avoid the soreness, I had to stand a little forward to aim both my feet bones at both parts of the pedal.

It’s good to have some safety features like speed limit beeping & auto raising of pedal rises when it’s too fast but some do not like the slow speed. (Personally I like it as it’s not very threatening to pedestrian)

Going uphill is advertised to be able to go up 15 degrees angle, so far it’s working for me on most slopes.

The pedals also need to add additional anti-slip tape to avoid slipping off in wet weather conditions, my advice is do not use it when it’s raining as it’s dangerous when breaking at wet surfaces like metal drain cover.

The speed of the AirWheel X5 is not the fastest in the market comparing to other brands but it makes up for it’s price & smooth riding.

The battery life for X5 is advertised as having a range of 25 Km at optimum conditions, I find it more like 15 Km or less due to non-optimum conditions like slopes and temperature.

The weight is one big complaint about any electric unicycle, luckily my distributor who sold me the AirWheel X5 (9.6Kg) recommended me a trolley attachment which greatly improve the portability of the electric unicycle.

Now I push the AirWheel x5 everywhere when it’s not safe to ride it for example on trains, bus and in crowded shopping centre.

AirWheel X5 doesn’t comes with lights like FireWheel or the latest AirWheel model but you can choose to put LEDs onto it with external battery velcro onto it.

Having the electric Unicycle is an eye opener to personal electric green short range transportation, I’m eagerly waiting for the next chance to buy a better brand electric unicycle like FireWheel, Ninebot or Gotway.

Disappointment of lack of stocks of iPhone 6/6 Plus (Epicentre Jem)

Let’s start from the beginning, my telco “Singtel” pre-orders for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus ran out within 5 minutes from the 3PM launch which I missed due to reading the 3 mobile size pages “terms” probably due to overwhelming demand.

Then, on the 17th September 2014 I received an curious email from epicentre the local Apple’s authorised retailer.


Within the email you can clearly see both iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus listed to be “available” on September of 19th 2014.

Clicking on a small link within the email showed another website.


Notice that there are several locations of Epicentre shops that I can “queue” to buy iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus and even provided some “survival tips” for queuing overnight.

News already broke that there are “hundreds” of “fans” had started queuing a day before the launch at 313@Somerset shopping complex for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6Plus, there are also queues at EpiCentre outlets at Bugis Junction and Wheelock Place, as well as outside Nubox outlets at Jurong Point, Junction 8, Tampines Mall, Funan DigitaLife Mall and Bedok Mall.

So, with this information…I had decided to queue at the JEM EpiCentre outlet at 2am even thou the official queuing time is 7am.

After I bought some snacks & Nescafe Coffee, I took a taxi to JEM and after a few strange conversation…the taxi driver managed to guess my name!!! OMG! LOL


At around 2.30am, I reached JEM and found a queue of about 70 to 100 “fans” already there sleeping!!!



After waiting until almost 8am, I took another photo

Then comes the bad news, iPhone 6 Plus is no longer available. That’s even before it started!!

After another hour of standing like zombies, there are a few “fans” comes from the front declaring that there NO MORE iPhone 6 left…not a single iPhone 6 at all.

The “speculations” are there are only 100 sets of iPhone 6 and less than 10 sets of iPhone 6 Plus to begin with more than 100 “fans” already queuing before 2AM.

Upon some observation, I noticed that there are many “fans” that looks a lot like construction workers that probably not the likely buyers but “hired to queue” employees.

Simple online search shows there is a demand for part time job queuing up for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus for MONEY!

There are also one enterprising lady (obviously not local) who stroll along the queue offering SGD$2.2k to buy iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB gold colour (Retail price is SGD$1,448) from anyone who can buy it today.

Rumours has it that they can resell iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Gold colour for SGD$3k in China, that create such a demand for black market that iPhone are no longer just a gadget but a lucrative business opportunity for many enterprising people.

I have several complaints of this situation.

1. There are UNKNOWN number of iPhone 6/ iPhone 6Plus for each outlet of EpiCentre making it hard for people to decide where to queue.

2. The EpiCentre doesn’t have sufficient manpower hired to manage the expected large crowd.

3. There should never be a 7AM queue as it’s almost a 100% guarantee that “fans” will queue overnight for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Hence, there should be enough manpower to manage the overnight queue and maintain law & order.

In conclusion, people who just want iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus might have to wait for a long time before they can get their hands on this new gadget from Apple.