Is Artificial intelligence going to kill us all in the future?

Terminator T-800 Skelettrequisite in typisch bedrohlicher Darstellung. Ausstellung in Japan.

Terminator T-800 Skelettrequisite in typisch bedrohlicher Darstellung. Ausstellung in Japan.


I’m starting to think using AI machine learning to block, ban or restrict human usage of social media is the beginning of the end of human race.

Imagine the government using AI machine to create robots to prevent crimes, but when the AI machines made a mistake and kill a human…the government will say it’s trying to improve…over time…learning from mistakes.
But who will be responsible for the mistake(s)?
Why can’t there be accountability for the mistake(s)?
Youtube is using AI machine learning to gather videos that violate their policies…but end up punishing innocent videos creators from earning their livelihood.
Facebook is using some kind of machine learning to curb human from violating it’s policies but blocked innocent people from using it’s platform instead.
Why can’t these social networks employ more human check on the “violation” flagged by AI machine learning BEFORE triggering a punishment?
Maybe one day the government unleashed it’s killer AI drones to kill anyone who like any hate speech video to curb terrorism…but decided to kill innocent users of that social network instead.

That will be the worst case scenario which may be the day when the AI machines take over human….maybe time to go cold turkey and use less social networks.


Facebook blocks me from posting to groups or join new groups…no reason(s) given

3.05 pm 2nd December 2017, Facebook popped up a notification to me telling me that I have been blocked from joining Facebook groups or posting to groups.






I try & test posting to my own group and sure enough I cannot even post anything to my own groups that I had created.







I checked my email…is that the email that started this? I’m not sure…but Facebook didn’t tell me the actual reason of the block so I can only speculate.







Personally, if Facebook can be transparent about what I had done wrong…I won’t be that angry…but it’s getting ridiculous.

First youtube come up with the yellow $ icon to restrict me from earning the first few hundred views of my video which is basically everything in my new youtube channel.

Then come this Facebook block, it felt like the online social media giants is going against common folks like me, a youtuber…

At least communicate well with your block & ban so that we the people won’t feel bullied for no reasons.

Youtube yellow $ icon strikes again!

Help! Youtube algorithm flag my innocent video for “not suitable for ads” yellow $….once again!

Need 1k views to get manual review by youtube human employee.

Please share after viewing once! Thank you! Really appreciate it!

Need help to get at least 1k view on this video to get manual youtube review

Help! Need 1k views to get manual review on this video!

Kindly share after you view once….thank you!

Normally I won’t beg for views as I honestly think if the video is good it will be shared virally.

However, youtube recently come up with some kind of machine learning algorithm to flag videos that are “not advertiser friendly” and many innocent videos are flagged just like mine.

My above video doesn’t have violence, hate, or anything that will violate the rules of Youtube…for advertising.

What I hope youtube can improve on is the transparency of what had been flagged so we can avoid being flag the next time by improving the video.

The problem with the minimum 1k views before manual review shows how limited youtube have the capacity to help small youtube channels such as my 2nd channel at

Kindly share after you view once! Thank you! Really appreciate it!

My other youtube channel!

Just incase you guys never watch my other youtube channel :D

here it is!