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Facebook blocks me from posting to groups or join new groups…no reason(s) given

3.05 pm 2nd December 2017, Facebook popped up a notification to me telling me that I have been blocked from joining Facebook groups or posting to groups.           I try & test posting to my own group and sure enough I cannot even post anything to my own groups that I […]

Missing MH370 Malaysia Airline, better tracking technology needed.

After several days of intensive search by numerous countries spending lot’s of money & using lot’s of manpower to locate the “debris” of the Malaysian Airline MH370, there seemed to have a problem here. Let me point out a few key problems. 1. Why transponder can be turned off at the cockpit by pilot(s) – […]

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Staging.Examiner login prompt plague Singtel/Singnet internet users

On Monday 13th of August 2012, it began around 2.30pm to 3.40 pm Singapore time an pop up login prompt appeared on most browsers when you surf internet using Singtel/Singnet internet connection. So if you meet the following criterial you may be affected Singtel mobile subscribers – using any smart phones like iPhone/Android and etc […]

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I think I got burglarized & almost got conned in an employment scam?

20th March 2011 Last year 2010, a guy from twitter (let’s name him Mr B) DM me (direct message) requesting to buy my old WIFI iPad 64GB at the price I mentioned on twitter which I cannot remember. He met me at an MacDonald in Singapore to complete the transaction, he finally bargained down the […]

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How tech-companies helps in the latest Japan Quake & Tsunami crisis.

March 11, 2011 will always be remembered as the beginning of the wave of disasters for Japan. As the earthquake on the Magnitude of 9.0 hit near the east coast of Honshu, Japan many people in the world are still gathering information everywhere. As news sounded alarm that an major earthquake had struck Japan, the […]

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