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Copyright mess in youtube & Apple iTunes Store.

By the time you read this, the band “Crazy Kids” may already disappear from most google search. This post is to remind you in the future that we cannot let history repeat itself. A history lessonĀ for all including youtubers, Google, Youtube, Apple and musicians. I am a youtuber for games & gadgets and often use […]

What is your EDC? (Everyday carry)

We need some essential things in our daily life that may help you along throughout the whole day, we need to carry them in our EDC bag or Everyday carry bag or day bag. So the question is, what is your EDC bag? Different situations, environments, occupation or even sex can have different needs. For […]

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Found out my old blog doing quite well! :3

Wow, how times had passed! I checked my inbox and found out an curious email, it says that one of my blog is doing well! Awesome! But later I found out it’s one of my old blog Simon Tay Corner Muahahaha But it does have a lot more photographs than this thou :3

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Time is a candle’s flame and what burns are the minutes we live.

“Candle” is Singapore radio’s first short film directed by Divian Nair, conceptualised, casted and written by both Divian and Dee Kosh. Both the Double D’s (as they are known on radio) are acting in it along with Sandra Riley Tang of the Sam Willows and Lavinia Tan of Gold 90.5 fm The short film titled […]

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Lost Ezlink & passion card at Cathay Theatre

Today is my unlucky day. I went to westmall to get see a movie alone as I am the elite member for Cathay at westmall. I was at the elite seat A9 theatre 2 That’s the chair that attracts me back to Cathay at Westmall every time, but after this incident…it’s kind of hard for […]

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