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Riots in Little India

I know this is probably old news by the time I woken up at 4+ am, an estimated 400 people rioted in Little India late Sunday night after an accident with a bus led to one person’s death, according to the police. I do not want to speculate and let the authorities investigate the manner […]

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Possible flash crash of the bitcoins warning!

Chart credit to¬†Bitcoincharts As of 19 November 2013, 1.59 am Singapore time, BitCoins had reached the high of USD $660 per bitcoin. You do not need to be a super genius to speculate the extremely high volume of transaction in April 2013 doesn’t do it again sparking another selling panic. The time to invest is […]

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Permission to monetization for YouTube Team (Clash of Clans videos)

I have a few flags on my YouTube videos in my YouTube Channel ( for verification if I have all the permission to use certain contents for YouTube Monetization. For Clash of Clans game (iOS/Android), the developer had given me 2 emails for their permission to use the game’s media (sound/graphics/game play) for YouTube Monetization. […]

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24 June 2013 – Haze blog Part 1

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me in the past week, because of the haze that had been happening in Singapore and many other parts of the neighbouring countries. 18 June 2013: My eyes started to get irritated and the sky looks like it’s totally white with minimal haze but with the 3hr – […]

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Beware of “Gold Buy Back” Investment Firms

The story starts a few months back when I had received several calls from telemarketers that claimed that their company is having some kind of celebration and wanted to invite me to listen to their 45 minutes presentation in return I will get $800 branded bags voucher or $50 Takashimaya shopping voucher. I had several […]

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