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DIY Overflow & Sump Update!

[youtube][/youtube] This video is to explain a little on what I think is the science behind how the DIY overflow siphoning system works. Not sure if the explanation is 100% clear but it also shows the progress of the shrimp tank and how does it looks now after the “upgrades”. The following had been modified […]

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Cheap DIY Overflow & Sump Project Completed!

Using clear plastic tubes from the fish shop & white tapes for pipes connection. This over flow is inspired by other youtube video on the overflow configuration with my little modification to better suit my shrimps :3 The DIY sump uses 3 pails with many holes at the bottom to drain water through them easily […]

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How to install a network printer Richo Aficio2045 (Window XP)

This primary for my own personal reference and future reinstallation purpose just in case I need to change a new laptop, I need to know all the details so that I won’t waste too much time meddling in printer drivers . Firstly download the following drivers from this webpage RPCS Driver New! Ver.7.61 06/09/2009 3,900 […]

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How to use Photoshop to autostamp copyright on 100 images in 15 min

I found out this batch Photoshop action scripting some time back taught by my friend Hong Kiat (famous Malaysian blogger) and now I will reveal to you how it’s being done very easily. This blog post is inspired by @hahahafiz when he asked me the very question! Thanks @hahahafiz !! (Good Twitter Friend!) Step 1. […]

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