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DIY Electric unicycle parking stand version 5.0

My previous versions of DIY Electric unicycle stand all have one fundamental problem of no able have full contact of the casing hence not able to maintain full hold of the DIY stand. This curved surface of the casing posed a fundamental problem of choosing a method to stick the DIY stand onto the electric […]

My First Duct Tape Wallet!

The power of inspiration! Today is my birthday and I looked around google & youtube for “amazing wallet” and found a couple of really interesting “Duct Tape Wallet” and their instructions on how to make one!! My brother ultimately bought me a new wallet for my birthday but I am very inspired by those 14 […]

Saturday January 21st, 2012 in DIY, Personal Thoughts, Projects | 4 Comments »

Cleaned up my room for New Year! :D

The new year is coming! Yes!! 2012 is approaching fast and it’s the time of the year again! This time I had used one of the ideas from lifehacker on how to keep your cables neatly with toile rolls! and modified it to make toilet roll as cable tie! Now with the cables neatly tucked […]

Saturday December 24th, 2011 in DIY, Personal Thoughts | No Comments »

How to make a $5 DIY External Hard Disk enclosure

I had woken up with sun shine on my face & it’s another day of my life :D Today, I had decided to make a difference…my table is getting really untidy and it’s very very irritating to be playing & working on a untidy table. After eating lunch while watching the latest episode of Nikita, […]

Sunday October 30th, 2011 in DIY, Personal Thoughts | 1 Comment »