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Day 2 – AirWheel x5 – Progress!

After drying my elbow & knee guard, I sneak downstairs at 9.30pm where nobody can see me to train my AirWheel x5 again :D I thought buying 2 poles can help me but after I realised it didn’t help so I discarded it and try again & again without any assistant. And yes I learnt […]

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Day 1 – AirWheel x5

The sound of me drinking huge amount of plain water is like “gaglulululu…” yes… that’s day 1 of me trying out my new AirWheel x5 The specification of the AirWheel x5 is It’s one of the lightest of all the version of AirWheel at 9.6kg, mind you…it’s not exactly very light. I am having […]

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Looking into the future of internet media sharing – Simon Tay

I foresee the future… In a few years time, there will be no more MPAA or RIAA or record labels or Hollywood. In their replacement comes 1. Independent artists (Basically anyone with a talent) 2. Independent & outsourced technical specialist for music/movie production 3. Internet marketing via media portals like youtube, and various other […]

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Another weird dream today! :D

I can’t remember much about the dream but this time it’s weird. I am visited by two person in the dream separately and I got a feeling they are recently deceased…hmm but I don’t recognize them at all…hmm I tried taking a photo of that girl and she screamed and I dropped my iPhone in […]

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Weird Dream 2

Today I had another weird dream, yesterday after not sleeping until afternoon 1pm (because I slept too much previous afternoon) I was unable to go to bed due to sudden call by a client for a urgent tech support request at 1pm (Some internet failure to connect, USB problems). Almost collapsing in the MRT from […]

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