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Is Google Adsense via Western Union delayed? May 2016

As publishers & content creators who used Google Adsense as one of their content advertising revenue source knows Google is usually on time when paying their publishers. The payment date usually between 21st and 26th of the month but usually paid on the 21st for people who opt to use western union to collect their […]

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What is your EDC? (Everyday carry)

We need some essential things in our daily life that may help you along throughout the whole day, we need to carry them in our EDC bag or Everyday carry bag or day bag. So the question is, what is your EDC bag? Different situations, environments, occupation or even sex can have different needs. For […]

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Brand new youtube channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews

I am moving some of my original videos from my own channel to this channel to focus on the topics. This will be my new channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews :D Here’s the playlist for electric unicycle

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V-Log Day 1 – 2nd April 2015 – sick & fat

I had been putting off exercising for far too long, it’s about time to pick it back up and be healthy once more.

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AirWheel Smart MarsRover X5 Review

Reviews of AirWheel Smart Marsrover X5 in Singapore via local distributor Purchased my AirWheel X5 back in 12th August 2014 and here’s my honest review. For the first few days are the hardest as learning to ride is tiring & scary, had a few falls but nothing serious. Luckily I bought some knee, elbow, […]

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