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Beware of “Gold Buy Back” Investment Firms

The story starts a few months back when I had received several calls from telemarketers that claimed that their company is having some kind of celebration and wanted to invite me to listen to their 45 minutes presentation in return I will get $800 branded bags voucher or $50 Takashimaya shopping voucher. I had several […]

Saturday October 6th, 2012 in Everything Else, News, scam, Singapore | 2 Comments »

Staging.Examiner login prompt plague Singtel/Singnet internet users

On Monday 13th of August 2012, it began around 2.30pm to 3.40 pm Singapore time an pop up login prompt appeared on most browsers when you surf internet using Singtel/Singnet internet connection. So if you meet the following criterial you may be affected Singtel mobile subscribers – using any smart phones like iPhone/Android and etc […]

Monday August 13th, 2012 in Conspiracy, Crisis, Singapore, Technology News | 1 Comment »

The fridge won’t close properly

One fine day, I woken up to find the fridge won’t close properly when I close it so I had thought of a plan to make it close properly. I find two very strong neodymium magnet (You can buy online or extract from an old hard disk) and some duct tapes. I use a cardboard […]

Stop spreading hate.

Let me write a fictional story, a horror story. It’s fake and it may become real if we let our intolerance & hate get spiral out of control. It may or may not happen but I sincerely wish it won’t but I hope we should be more tolerant to stupid people & just click the […]

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First taste of good social network marketing happening as I had predicted!

I’m convinced to sign up a fiber optic internet recently because their marketer managed to find me in twitter while I’m asking for fiber plans opinions on twitter! The marketer managed to answer all my questions and even offer a good promotion! Other large telco can’t even have the man power to answer my emails […]

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