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Apple Easy Pay self check out service VS NFC payment.

After reading the article at which showcase how apple testing a self check out service at apple store and probably perfected it. Here’s what I think… iTunes check out IS THE FUTURE of hassle free shopping payment experience, been suspecting it always to be true. (Google NFC chip will be obsoleted over night) The […]

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Problems of both Android ICS and iOS 5

Personally I haven’t tried Android before but there’s probably some problems I don’t like about Android. Google can give your personal information to the court in an heartbeat.[1] Google control every aspect of your life – email, music, storage, social, voice & soon your wallet…and you won’t be surprise why google logo appeared during presidential […]

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Ready for iPhone 2011 Event!

Yes, Apple going to talk iPhone today October 4 2011, 1 p.m. EST and I bet you want to be ready to consume all the latest updates from Apple. Unfortunately, there seems to be no live stream from Apple directly but there probably will be lot’s of eager live bloggers trying to piece the news […]

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Kindle Fire Specification Review

Pros Cloud web surfing – supposedly faster loading web browser Amazon’s 18 millions of movies/songs/apps 7″ Vibrant Color IPS display Cheap $199? 14.6 ounces (Lighter than iPad 2) Cons Only have 8GB space? OMG that’s too little!! Even thou it’s being advertised as 8GB for 80 apps plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or […]

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Singtel 3G disruption maybe due to SMS Spam.

During 7th of September 2011, people in Singapore who are using Singtel for their mobile 3G connection got sudden disruption in services as reported by Yahoo! …the outage affected “limited areas in central Singapore”, where customers experienced “intermittent difficulty making calls and accessing the 3G network for several hours on Tuesday afternoon and this (Wednesday) […]

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