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Copyright mess in youtube & Apple iTunes Store.

By the time you read this, the band “Crazy Kids” may already disappear from most google search. This post is to remind you in the future that we cannot let history repeat itself. A history lessonĀ for all including youtubers, Google, Youtube, Apple and musicians. I am a youtuber for games & gadgets and often use […]

Brand new youtube channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews

I am moving some of my original videos from my own channel to this channel to focus on the topics. This will be my new channel for Electric Unicycle & gadgets reviews :D Here’s the playlist for electric unicycle

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Youtube is not what it used to be anymore

Yesterday I heard one of my friend on facebook got her whole youtube account TERMINATED because of “impersonation” and she can no longer create an youtube account anymore. Today I got an email from youtube that my youtube channel is not good enough for YouTube Partners. The reasons they put there At this time, we […]

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Additional information about Mass Animal Death.

I wonder if the video you are about to see is real or not but there are many many many speculations about the mystery behind the Mass Animal Death in the world today. All kinds of claims are out in force from polar shift, extreme weather changes, BP Oil Dispersant, Chemical Spray aka Chem trails, […]

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Wonderland – Viral Video

This ad is like a dream in wonderland where things happen you can’t wrap your brain around. A train transforms in a city rollercoaster a super huge skating ring, and a sandcastle coming to life in a city park. I believe in ideas can become gold one day and never stop thinking is a great […]

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