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Facebook blocks me from posting to groups or join new groups…no reason(s) given

3.05 pm 2nd December 2017, Facebook popped up a notification to me telling me that I have been blocked from joining Facebook groups or posting to groups.           I try & test posting to my own group and sure enough I cannot even post anything to my own groups that I […]

Youtube yellow $ icon strikes again!

Help! Youtube algorithm flag my innocent video for “not suitable for ads” yellow $….once again! Need 1k views to get manual review by youtube human employee. Please share after viewing once! Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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Need help to get at least 1k view on this video to get manual youtube review

Help! Need 1k views to get manual review on this video! Kindly share after you view once….thank you! Normally I won’t beg for views as I honestly think if the video is good it will be shared virally. However, youtube recently come up with some kind of machine learning algorithm to flag videos that are […]

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My other youtube channel!

Just incase you guys never watch my other youtube channel :D here it is!

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Copyright mess in youtube & Apple iTunes Store.

By the time you read this, the band “Crazy Kids” may already disappear from most google search. This post is to remind you in the future that we cannot let history repeat itself. A history lessonĀ for all including youtubers, Google, Youtube, Apple and musicians. I am a youtuber for games & gadgets and often use […]