Missing MH370 Malaysia Airline, better tracking technology needed.

After several days of intensive search by numerous countries spending lot’s of money & using lot’s of manpower to locate the “debris” of the Malaysian Airline MH370, there seemed to have a problem here.

Let me point out a few key problems.

1. Why transponder can be turned off at the cockpit by pilot(s)

– there should be something to prevent that from happening in the future in all existing planes. One idea I can throw around is to let GROUND crew to turn ON the transponder under a LOCK & KEY (digital or manual) that can only be turned off by another ground crew at destination after landing.

I heard there can be an automated transponder system to turn on by itself if the plane is in the air and turn off after it landed safely.

2. If the transponder are switched off, there should be a “ALERT” system in place to auto switch on a backup transponder if the plane is still in the air.

3. All the planes should have internet network connection on board of all existing planes so that someone inside the plane can contact outside world in event of hijacking to inform the family members. I am not sure if MH370 have Internet Network or not but so far nobody called back yet…or send a tweet on board the plane. (Correct me if I am wrong)

4. I am not sure why some of the satellite imagery are so poor in resolution but it will be prime time to upgrade those satellite to the latest gadget possible.

5. There is no global radar data sharing in event of cooperation in search & rescue due to politic & tension between nations and it will be tricky to send “spy planes” over other countries to take photographs of another nation…..wait…a minute.

Conspiracy: Is this some kind of event to make countries to allow USA spy planes to fly over in pretext to locate the missing airplane???

6. Ok, there should be a global radar reporting system set up over the ocean maybe in oil rigs or floating platform, this can also create floating towns in the future when world population starts to get too over populated.

Let’s hope the airplane can be found in one piece landed in some secluded air strips covered up with camoflague while there is secret negotiation with the authorities.

I also just watched the movie “Non Stop” which portrayed an innovative hijacking of an airplane, maybe Hollywood can solve the mystery of the missing airplane MH370.