A Brand New Modem To Solve Singnet 10Mb BB Disconnecting Problems!!

I had written a long complain previously on the troubled Singnet Broad Band (10Mbps) Connection using the seriously “aged” Thompson Speedtouch 585 v6 2+ modem.

Now that after I had upgraded the firmware and followed all kinds of changes to my modem including removing it’s bloody build in firewall and etc. I still encountered the frequent disconnection problems! It’s so horrible that I had to think of alternative ways other then changing to another service provider!!

The problem is I am now tied to the contract for another 8 more months and I can’t just subscribe another service and pay Singnet without using their services or worst face early termination penalty charges stated in their fine print of the contract agreement.

The only solution now is to fix this damn modem or ….CHANGE IT.

The lines man that came previously to “fix” my connection recommended me 2 options, one is to upgrade the firmware…another is to get another 2+ modem that is capable for 10Mbps connection…

I just bought one SGD$89+ Netgear DG834G wireless modem cum router which is a 2+ modem and it’s a pain to install it…but I finally figured a way to install it successfully!! YAY.

Below is the step by step solution to install it properly.

Step 1. Put in the installation CD in the CD/DVD drive (Window XP/Vista)

Step 2. Follow the step by step instruction to do the following.

  • Plug in the telephone line to micro filter
  • Find out if the micro filter is dual or single and select accordingly
  • Plug the telephone line from the micro filter to the Netgear modem properly
  • Connect the Ethernet cable (yellow given) correctly
  • plug in the power supply to modem accordingly.
  • Finally (the missing part) use a small pin to reset the modem at it’s back by poke the small hole and hold it for about 15 seconds and let all the correct lights to light up.
  • Wait for the Lights to light up (Power Supply, Wireless, I-icon, and the number that labels the port used)

Step 3: After following all the instructions to set up the modem go to this website to set the final settings for the modem.
(I recommend to use fire fox browser, experienced problems using Google Chrome)

The pop up request for username and password is as follows.

Username: admin
Password: password

Go in the page and select “Basic Setting”

Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login? Check Yes.

Username and Password is the ones that Singnet had given you.

Username: yourusername@singnet
Password: passwordgivenbysingnet

Click Apply then go to ADSL Settings

Multiplexing Method is VC-Based
VPI remains 0 (zero)
VCI goes to 100
DSL Mode change to ADSL 2+

Click Apply then go to Wireless Setting

SSID remain unchanged… (this is for ppl to see what connection this is when they browse for wireless networks nearby so any name is possible even your dogs name like “browny network”)

Security Options – here you have to choose your favorite security encryption method to secure your wireless connection so that it won’t be used by others without your knowledge.

Use the one you like and set the security properly.

After you set every thing properly click apply.

By right everything should be ok and connection is up properly and connected to internet YAY!

Up to now about 24 hours…++ there is no disconnection to my internet connection so I guess it’s the modem problem!! YAY!!