How to see your webpage ranking at a single glance!

Do you want to know how your blog(s)/Website(s) rank in Yahoo, Google, MSN and other search engines at a single glance? Do you want to know your page word density at a glance such as the one below?
Let me walk you through how to use Mozilla FireFox Add-In to increase and improve your blog(s)/website(s).

Firstly, you need Mozilla FireFox Web Browser, if you don’t have FireFox web browser go down to to download it. Fire up your firefox!!

Go to the pull down menu –> Tools –> Add-Ons

Then you can see the the Add-ons option. Don’t worry when you have nothing inside your Add-ons at the moment!!

Find the “Get Extensions” Link at the bottom right and click on it.

Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox, from a simple toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow you to customize Firefox to fit your own needs and preferences, while letting us keep Firefox itself light and lean.

At Mozilla Add On page you will see the following:
Search for the word “SEO” and you will find SEOQuake which I highly recommend to you. Seoquake is a Mozilla Firefox extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet…

Click on the SeoQuake And read the glory details on how this Add-ons work and it’s purpose but if you want to save time…scroll down to the download icon.

Click on the Install Now. The process will start a prompt to help you install SEOQuake and also prompt you to install some of SEOQuakes’ Other Plug-in.

I just install them all even some of them may contains some advertisements within their pages but I just install them just to see how it works.

Next, go to your own website/blog and you shall see the following at the toolbar

General set of parameters consists of such parameters as Google PR (Google PageRank of current page), Google Index (Number of indexed pages. Google version), Google link (Number of links, pointed to the current page. Google version (Except links from concerned domain)), similar parameters for many other search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Alexa) and some other miscellaneous parameters.

There you have it, the SEOQuake Bar. It’s for you to access your website ranking in these major search engines and some other tools that can let you access the keyword density (how many times you use a single keyword). Imagine the horror that I found my keyword to be something I don’t want people to search my website for?

Click on the “Density” button seen on your SEOQuake Toolbar you can see your keywords density spread out like a 10 course meal!! You will know how many of the keywords you had used in that particular website! To tweak it, simply write more article with keywords that you want people to search!

That’s all for today! Remember, Mozilla Firefox allows you to install many multiple Add-ons to optimize your web surfing experience!!

Tune in next time for another of Simon Tay’s Tips on optimising your blogs/websites!!
The best websites will consist of quality contents! So keep up the blogging to get quality ranking! Cheers for now!

Latest Update! 23 July 07
Check out SEOQuake website and it does have a comprehensive flash tutorial teaching you how to fully utilize the SEOQuake Firefox Add-On Extension! It’s really cool!