iPhone 5 lightning cable problem


28 September 2012, 12.28pm

I realized my iPhone 5 was not charging while connected to my Mac mini 2009.

I tried plugging the lightning cable directly to the wall plug but no luck

In a panic mode, I called apple support for Singapore 8001861087

Battery life 48%

After pressing 1 for English, 2 for iPhone problem, waited for the recorded messages and a quick wait I am talking to the PR girl ;D

She was asking what’s my name, authenticated my email and battery life left 45%

I panicked and asked what can I do, she asked me to hold and 2 min later she gave me my case number and asked me to call 30 minutes later to confirm what’s my option was.

Then I hanged up, battery life on my iPhone 5 was 43% left.

Immediately, I pressed the power button on the top left and slide the red bar and switched my iPhone 5 off to conserved battery life.

I searched online about tech support in apple.com/SG and found the tech support for iPhone is at QCD@TaiSeng (Beside Tai Seng MRT) 6 Harper Road #02-01Leong Huat Building.

The operation time is until 5.30pm!!!

1 pm, I’m already out of the house before my timer for 30 min rang off my “the New iPad”.

I turned on my iPhone 5, great 38% battery life left.

Called 8001861087 and went through the same selection & 5 min wait. 35% battery life left

The guy asked my name, authenticate my email and finally tell me to go to QCD@TaiSeng (Beside Tai Seng MRT) To get my iPhone lightning cable checked and if needed replace it.

Great, 33% battery life left.

I promptly switched off my iPhone 5, while I boarded the MRT at bukit batok station.

Tweeted the following

Quest : go to QCD@TaiSeng
(Beside Tai Seng MRT)
6 Harper Road #02-01
Leong Huat Building
Get iPhone lightning cable checked and if needed replace it

Then pulled out my iPad (3rd Gen) and activated my WordPress app and logged into my website at simontay78.com and wrote the above.

I had researched online on my iPad and found out that many other people had similar issues with the lightning cable.

2.55 pm
Reached the location it’s located somewhere in the industrial estate beside Tai Seng MRT


I made the wrong turn and went into the building via the back gate, and went up the wrong stair case lol

I made my way around the building to come to the lift section where the cat & security guard watched me suspiciously.


I went up the lift half expecting a “half life” type of alien to jump at me but no, I see the QCD office upfront hmmm okie.

Once inside, a gush of cold air blew at me like winter and I took a number for the queue.

Hmmm I’m surprised that the queue is actually no much.

As I sat there, I heard the complaints upfront were stupid things that old folks asked for example why the Bluetooth can’t transfer photographs to my Nokia? Why my data cap is 2GB down from 16GB (I want to laugh out loud lol).

At this point, I’m so amused that I nearly forgotten my own problem lol.

Maybe that’s how they humor the people while in the queue haha.

Ding! Ok my number was up in the flat screen LCD television and I proceed gingerly to the genius :3

I explained my iPhone 5 cannot be charged and she tested with her own cable and it works!

She explained that she had received many complaints iPhone 5 cables are problematic and she will replace my cable for free.

I asked if they sell the iPhone 5 lightning cable and unfortunately no they only replace it for me and recommended the challenger superstore (local electronic super store) and I said okie.

Soon I’m on my marry way with a free brand new lightning cable in and out within 15 minutes!

I do remember other tech gadgets support were much much longer… Hehe

Overall I think the experience can be better if there are more support areas in Singapore instead of traveling from west to east for more than 45 minutes to reach that location.

Finger crossed that the replacement lightning cable won’t go kaput (die) on me again! :3

Now, I had analysed my recent activities and suspected that one of my game “Clash of Clans” was always on during charging and the iPhone 5 that caused the “BBQ” of the lightning cable but I’m not sure.

The iPhone 5 does get pretty hot when you do continuously use an intensive application like games, maps, camera and etc but I’m not sure if that’s the cause of the lightning cable going down.

Maybe there can be a software fix for this? I’m not sure, probably apple should do some extensive testing on the spoiled cable that I had replaced.