Lost Ezlink & passion card at Cathay Theatre

Today is my unlucky day.


I went to westmall to get see a movie alone as I am the elite member for Cathay at westmall.



I was at the elite seat A9 theatre 2

That’s the chair that attracts me back to Cathay at Westmall every time, but after this incident…it’s kind of hard for me to recommend it.

After the movie, I seat up and left the chair without knowing I left my wallet in the theatre somewhere…maybe on the seat or while I’m moving away.

But my suspicion is still I dropped it on the seat…if I dropped it when walking away…I should be able to notice it.

After reaching the ground floor of westmall, I was shocked that my wallet was missing and rushed back up for the wallet.

The friendly employee verified the colour of my wallet and returned it back to me but after inspection, I discovered that both my EZlink card & passion card are missing.

In my wallet, I had separated both ezlink card & passion card as both are Ezlink cards and cannot be used at MRT at the same time.

That means the person who had taken both the ezlink & passion card knowingly that those cards cannot be traced while not taking the credit cards.

This means they either had knowledge before hand that the ezlink card are untraceable or they are experienced thief.

I do not know who took it and I have no evidence(s) to point to anyone but it can be either other viewers in the theatre or the cleaner or the employee who took it to the vault.

Unfortunately, the theatre do not have ANY CCTV in the theatres to maintain the sanity of the manager who have to investigate the incident and prevent the PR disaster to follow.

The thief who had taken it should had just pass it back to me when I asked, as it’s going to be the reputation of the theatre to be in jeopardy.

But I figured that the thief will probably lose his job if he give it back to me in front of the manager…I cannot blame him/her.

Anyway, it’s just ezlink card lost not my other stuff in my wallet which will be very troublesome to get back like NRIC, 11B, Credit Cards, debit cards & Nets even thou there are some money stored in one of the ezlink card.

I can buy another ezlink card which I did, $12 for a brand new ezlink card with $7 store value. That’s additional cost on top of the $30+ in my lost ezlink card.

My suggestion to Cathay is to install CCTV in the theatre to catch would be thief in action or at least to protect the reputation of the theatre to prove they hire the right people for cleaning the theatre.

Yes, today is my unlucky day.