Possible Effects of Solar CME = Power outage?

I will list down news of events of blackout that may be related to the geomagnetic storm I mentioned in the previous post

7/03/2010 14:37 Power failure blights Ziggo television evening
It seems that almost all TVs in Ontario on Tuesday evening were a half hour to black. By a power failure in a distribution center of Ziggo had viewers from nine to half Elf have no image.

Only the regional stations L1 and ATVs were in the air, like the local broadcaster. . In total, 1.5 of the 3.4 million customers Ziggo no signal, even large parts of northern and eastern Netherlands were affected.

7:00 AM PDT, Wed, Mar 17, 2010 Bay Bridge in the Dark
It was a dark drive across the Bay Bridge this morning as the span was hit with a power outage.
PG&E said there are some areas of San Francisco that are also without power but they have not yet determined what caused the outage.