Ten Tips to Prevent Getting Cheated by ‘Make-Money-Online-Websites

If you buy some stuff from a shop or mall in your city and are not satisfied with its quality, you can promptly go back to the shopkeeper and register your grievance easily. But have you ever been scammed by any website or online offer? Those who have wasted money on online offers on internet understand the pain of being cheated and not being able to get their money back. They also start believing erroneously that online transactions mostly are risky.

This article arms you with rock solid information to save you from such situations. And this is especially for those who want to make money online. Anybody who wants to make a living from internet must scrutinize the ‘make-money-online-websites’ keeping in mind the following points.

1. Associations
Websites and companies which run their affiliate programs through clickbank.com and cj.com are generally reliable. Clickbank for example directs its merchants to refund the money to the buyer if he or she is not satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the credit card manager of the website in question, don’t buy!

2. Look for ‘how it works’
If the website gives you detailed information as to ‘how’ their system or software works, that generates reliability. Some sites on the other hand use suspense to create curiosity and do not reveal how their system works and they exaggerate the quality and features of their product, but that strategy may be fraught with scam. An example of a visitor friendly site is ‘www.seoelite.com’. Go have a look.
An honest site would appear to say-“Look, this is what we offer, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not to buy”. And a dishonest site would appear to say- “This is the best system/ software/ e-book on the planet. Buy it now or you will be a loser! We offer two dozen bonuses with our product.”

3. Read FAQ
Good websites have a detailed FAQ section. Always read it before buying. Many revelations are buried deep in the FAQ pages. For instance, on a ‘paid surveys’ website FAQ page you may find that it is not that useful for your country if you live outside USA.

4. Testimonials
Testimonials may or may not be real. Believe only if you see some big and reliable names of that niche and/or if email address or web address of the person giving testimonial is also included.

5. Proofs- Clickbank account images
Many sites show images of their Clickbank affiliate account to show how much money they are minting. While the images may be real the income shown may be from a system other than what is claimed by the webmaster. You can not verify it.

6. Countdown timer and time limited prices
You must have seen those countdown timers and those ‘buy before this Tuesday’ offers. You go to the same site after the expired time or date and you will find the same timer ticking and the offer extended to another Tuesday. That exposes what those webmasters think you are.

7. Don’t fall for free stuff and bonuses
Keep your focus on the product which you are looking for and not for the bonuses, or you might end up with a compromised product just because you were blinded by the lure of free stuff.

8. Go and find in a forum
It always pays to read some unbiased testimonials in a forum. Just type the name of the product followed by ‘forum’ in Google search box and you will get all the opinions of those who have used that software or system. An added advantage is that you get comparisons with other similar softwares or systems.

9. Customer Support
Good websites have high-quality customer support and promptly reply to your emails before and after purchasing the product. The tricksters will not reply especially if you ask for a refund.

10. Listen to your conscience
After analyzing the points described above, incubate everything in your mind and forget about it at least for a day. Human brain does wonders at subconscious level. Thereafter listen to your inner voice and decide whether or not to buy the product.

So next time you see a site asking you to buy their product, use these x-ray techniques to see what you will really get if you buy. Uncovering their malicious intention is not difficult.

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