The fridge won’t close properly

One fine day, I woken up to find the fridge won’t close properly when I close it so I had thought of a plan to make it close properly.

  1. I find two very strong neodymium magnet (You can buy online or extract from an old hard disk) and some duct tapes.
  2. I use a cardboard to cut a strip out about 20 centimeters (you can adjust that) and 5 centimeters wide
  3. I used duct tape to secure one end of that cardboard to the front of the fridge door
  4. Then I put one of the neodymium magnet on the other end of the cardboard strip and tape it down with duct tape.
  5. I tried to pull the cardboard to close the fridge door fully and use a tape to indicate the “best” reach of the cardboard
  6. Then I put the other neodymium magnet just nice at that line and tape it down with the duct tape.
  7. I then cut some cardboard and fold them to be the same thickness of both the neodymium magnets combined into one…and put it so that the neodymium magnet won’t stick to the fridge instead of the other neodymium magnet.
  8. Next I photoshopped a sign to remind everyone to close the fridge properly :D

Let’s pray this will work :D