The universe provides to those who want it – The Secret of wanting

Firstly, I do subscribe to the idea of the power of wanting something so much that the universe will provide.

That’s from the book “Secret” where you can want something so much that some how you will get it very soon…or after few months.

It’s not like people can wish to be a billionaire and can turn into one without really putting in effort.

Wishing & wanting is two different thing.

If you have a kid who loves a toy so much that he keeps talking about how great this toy is, how others have it and he doesn’t, how happy he will be if he have it & own it how he will be the happiest kid in the neighbourhood. He told everyone around him, his parents, friends, neighbours, grandparents and everyone around him and guess what? within a few months later he got it as a gift either birthday gift or other reasons.

But if nobody give it to him, do you think he will still get that toy? Yes, he will save money or work for it or even sell stuff to get it.

If this story resonate with you, it means you have already experienced the power of wanting.

However, the power of wanting comes with some risks. Just like any horror story, if you want something so much that you are willing to do anything including crime…it may end rather badly.

But if you follow the rules of the law, put in the hard work and tell everyone that you are wishing for it…the universe will provide it for you eventually.

Keep thinking about it, sharing your ideas about it, capture that passion about it and eventually it will be in your hands.

After I joined a dumpster diving Facebook group recently, I realised that everything is within my grasp and all I need is to look for it in the trash where people threw away.

e.g. My fan cover got rusted badly, it gathered lot’s of dusts & it’s kind of affecting the flow of the wind. Guess what, someone threw a WHOLE fan of similar size & shape and the fan cover is like totally CLEAN!

My guess is they washed it & install it back way too early causing the water to damage the fan internal electronics. But I got a brand new fan cover that is not rusted & now my fan have a super strong flow!

Then come this problem of my spectacles slipping off my face when I bend down to do things like dumpster diving, one DIY hack is to put rubber bands on the arms of the spectacles to prevent the spectacle from slipping off but I find the normal colour of rubber bands are kind of weird on black colour arms.

Guess what? I found black elastic bands for tying hair during my dumpster dive and exactly two of them which I need!

And instantly my wanting is fulfilled, a less weird looking solution to prevent the spectacle from falling off my face.

Yes, even if I didn’t go for dumpster diving…I may end up buying from the store just to fulfil my needs.

However, the feeling is almost magical when you found things you need just as you want it.

Do try it sometimes, don’t give up on what you want! Hope you will too find what you want in life!

Happy 2018!