Health & Diabetes

To be honest, I haven’t think of my personal health for a long time and many had asked me why I didn’t do exercise & eat correctly.

I pondered for a long time and to find out that my dad had suffered from high blood pressure & diabetes finally woken me up.

Recently, my twitter friend @avnjl invited me to a Health & Diabetes workshop at Fitness Force Gym at CairnHill CC at No. 1 Anthony Road on the 10th of December 2010.

During the workshop, I had learnt that 1 in every 2 adults in Singapore will suffer from Diabetes in their lifetime and majority of the diabetes is of type 2 or maturity onset type that affects people in their middle age.

A diabetic person spent LOTS of money a year for outpatient care at a polyclinic (if not under welfare) and it’s almost impossible to totally cure from diabetes but only able to control it’s symptoms.

Below is the video taken during the workshop

Mr Derrick Ong recommend to blend fruits and sweet vegetables are better for health and for those managing their diabetes condition.

For those who are interested in eating right, feel free to contact Derrick Ong for advice at or call +65 8323 4696

Mr Kevin Chiak is the current Mr Singapore 2010 and a Medical Fitness Coach and invited us to try out weights & recommends exercise as part of the methods in controlling diabetes & maintaining health.

For those interested in getting into shape & managing your diabetes using exercise with expert guidance by Mr Kevin Chiak, feel free to contact or call +65 9388 8893

See all the photographs taken during that day in this photo gallery!