KAW – Kingdom Assault Harvest

I had been up all night trying to win one of the Kingdom At War (KAW) epic battle call “Kingdom Assault” and accidentally stumble upon a trick to harvest this epic battle totally!! :D

See how much money got harvested!

Usually, with a clan of 10 capable players we can complete this epic battle less than 40 minutes however the downside is we each get pretty low returns for our efforts that way.

Let’s examine Kingdom Assault’s properties

  1. Kingdom Assault (Maximum time: 6 hours)
  2. The First line & Second line of defensive soldiers will regenerate health over time.
  3. Kingdom gate will not regenerate.
This means the trick to harvesting this level is simple.
  1. Destroy First Line & Second Line quickly
  2. Coordinate everyone to stop attacking after the Kingdom gate is about 50% damaged so the epic battle is not over too quickly
  3. Wait for First Line & Second Line to regenerate health
  4. Attack only (Don’t spy assassinate) to get maximum ally plunder bonus
  5. Repeat step 3 until nearly 5 hours had passed (max 6 hours eb)
  6. Wipe out the kingdom gate within last 30 minutes to make sure the epic battle is complete.
  7. Get lot’s of money! $$
Simple!! Get all your clan mate to read the above first before starting the epic battle “Kingdom Assault” to acknowledge the same tactics to harvest this eb.

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