For years, yes years! I had been plagued with spam bots that send me instant messaging messages via MSN and it’s driving me CRAZY!!

I should had seek for the solutions way earlier!

Currently I’m on a mac and running Adium IM that can connect to MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk & more and I always look into the preference to see if there is any privacy setting but fail to find but at last! I found the solutions from a MacRumors Forum!

It’s right there!!

Adium Menu Bar

Click the Privacy Settings instead of Preferences

Then you will find this

Select the “Allow only Contacts on my contact list”

Close it and you can only get messages from people in your contact list! NO MORE SPAM!

For people running MSN on Windows

The solution is simple.

  1. Open MSN Messenger main window.
  2. Click Options… on Tools window.
  3. Switch to Privacy tab.
  4. Select “All Other Users” in the My Allow List and click “Block>>” button. The “All Other Users” groups will appear in the My Block List list box.
  5. Click OK to save your settings.

Now, only those who are on your contact list can send message to you and you are free of such spam now.

Works in Trillian also

  1. Go To Preferences (Right click tray icon, Preferences)
  2. Scroll down to “Identities & Connections” and select MSN “connection”. Under the MSN option select Privacy
  3. Hidden amongst your contacts is the “All other users” contact in your “My Allow List”, select it and click on the “Block>>” button
  4. Hit OK and voila, no more spam.