How to use Photoshop to autostamp copyright on 100 images in 15 min

I found out this batch Photoshop action scripting some time back taught by my friend Hong Kiat (famous Malaysian blogger) and now I will reveal to you how it’s being done very easily.

This blog post is inspired by @hahahafiz when he asked me the very question! Thanks @hahahafiz !! (Good Twitter Friend!)

Step 1.
Open a photograph

Step 2.
Open the action panel by ALT + F9

Step 3.
Click on the “Create New Action” button on th action panel

Step 4.
Give your new action script a name that you can identify with the action.

Step 5.
When the action had been created, by default the red color “record” button is depressed and ready to record every move you make

Step 6.
Press “T” to activate text and write your copyright statement, then press “CTRL + A” to select all and press the “align center” button you can do anything you like to the text that you like to do for all your photos, it will be recorded.

Step 7.
For copyright statement to look good in all kinds of background usually I use “color overlay” as white #ffffff and Drop Shadow

Step 8.
Press “ALT+F+S” to Save As a file type you desire anywhere you want

Step 9.
Press the rectangular “stop” button and the action script is completed.

Step 10.
To automate the action script, go File -> Automate -> Batch

Step 11.
Choose your source folder where all your raw photographs are saved (backup in other folder just in case)

Step 12.
Choose your destination folder (different folder from source) where the stamped photos will be saved, put the 2nd file name selection as “3 digit serial number” to get filenames that look like this “file01.jpg, file02.jpg, file03.jpg” you can append “_” behind the “Document Name” to be “Document Name_” to look like this “file_01.jpg, file_02.jpg”

You can rename ALL THE FILES to your favorite name such as “Sentosa_” + “3 Digit Serial Number” + “extension” to get “Sentosa_01.jpg, Sentosa_02.jpg…” and etc.

The Digit Serial Number can choose depending on how many images you have, if it’s less then 100 then use “2 Digit Serial Number”

Step 13.
Click Ok and watch all your images open, stamp copyright, save and close by it self automatically and Photoshop will work do it regardless of the numbers. RELAX ONE CORNER YAY!