Solving the no host-only network problem on Virtualbox

I had researched on ways to emulate android on mac for sometime and stumble upon a couple of solutions but only genymotion with virtualbox is able to play Clash of Clans on my Mac OS X Maverick.

Yes, I know sometimes a strong passion can push someone far enough to research and learn stuff without you knowing it…reminding me how I learnt photoshop/web designs/coding/hosting servers and etc because of the passion of gaming.

Here comes a handy way to play Clash of clans on my OS X Maverick for a few days without shutting down my mac mini…but once I did shut down and restarted, virtualbox seems to lost my host-only networks.

The error pops up reminding me of the old windows pop up which I hardly see in mac

“Failed to create the host-only network interface”

To check if your virtualbox’s host-only is there or not go to the pull down menu

Virtualbox -> Preferences -> Network -> select “Host-only Networks”


There should be “vboxnet0” there.

I search through the internet and found out that there’s a old extension is included in virtualbox version 4.3 that is causing the problem that eliminate the host.


  1. Open up (use spotlight to find)
  2. Put in the following command
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/VBox*
  3. Press enter

If all fails uninstall virtualbox by using the file you downloaded that installs virtualbox there is an uninstall script.

and re-install virtualbox and repeat the first step.

After that, the host-only network should remain there whenever you restart your mac os x.

And you can finally reassured that your android emulator or whatever emulation platform would run the next time you open your mac os x.
~ Simon Tay