World Invasion Battle Los Angeles – Review

Is this movie is straight out of United States recruitment advertising firm? Muhahaha

That is my first thought after walking out of the theater.

I’m not saying I don’t like this film but there are too many parts felt too similar to other films making it pretty predictable hence the lack of “shock” in the theater but I spot a couple of tears by some kids.

This movie is like family safe for the kids to watch because there are not much blood in this movie…ok maybe a little…but not so much gore to the extend to make the zombie fans cheer.

The action is packed from the middle of the movie to the end but the dialogues may sounds flat & not well thought out but it may be like that in the real combat situation.

Plots full of holes I can easily put some scene totally out if you watch it with an analytical mind, however if you go in with an OPEN mind you can actually enjoy this movie!

What I am saying, put your brains back home when you watch this movie! Don’t put this movie through the mythbuster test.

For those who had SEEN this movie read below otherwise it’s “SPOILERS ALERT!”

The special effects may look familiar to youtube “UFO” viewers as it seems to had appeared several years back as the first viral “Haiti UFO”.


Any respectable UFO believer had long scrutinized the above video due to fact it’s using a advanced CGI software. (e-on Software)
The palm trees appeared in the 56seconds range.

So after determined that the movie uses some known CGI software “expertly” I must add plus some clever viral marketing on youtube, you get your mega block buster! :D

One of the 4 legs robots the aliens pushed around looked suspiciously like the “Big Dog” robotic mule that had been making it’s debut on youtube too!

Let’s list down the scenes where the director “copied” from other movies :D

  1. Black Hawk Down – Helicopter ride, Several soldiers trapped indoor with wounded & last scene
  2. Saving Private Ryan – For the small girl dropping from an height, the soldier with radio on high tower
  3. Independence Day – Stupid aliens to put all eggs in one basket (I mean mother ship)
  4. District 9– the special weapon system is amazing in District 9
  5. V– the television on aliens arriving on earth “in peace” as Aaron Eckhart looks suspiciously like Joel Gretsch

Overall, the movie is a mindless action packed military movie or should I say commercial for recruitment into marine.

It’s fun, exciting & get to blow some aliens *beep* off just like your xBox games! Ok, where do I sign?

Anyway, for people who seeking a deep plot with real science…you will be disappointed but for those who love to see another mindless action fun…go enjoy it! :D