Additional information about Mass Animal Death.

I wonder if the video you are about to see is real or not but there are many many many speculations about the mystery behind the Mass Animal Death in the world today.

All kinds of claims are out in force from polar shift, extreme weather changes, BP Oil Dispersant, Chemical Spray aka Chem trails, potential prelude to major Earthquakes at New Madrid Fault Line of USA, Aliens invasion to other scary speculation behind the cause of global “Mass Animal Death”.

The videos below are not mine and I’m just passing information for those who are interested but I haven’t make up my own mind yet on who is right or wrong.

Doomsday is now a potential entertainment spiced up sauce that many may be driven into panic mode due to this believe that the world is ending soon.

The stuff you are about to view may be doomsday “stuff” and if you are not mentally strong to take it, I suggest not viewing them as some may change your decisions in the near future and some actions may be panic or depression induced.

Some people might get “excited” and grab their weapons & starts their own doomsday scenario even before it happens so DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT PANIC. Think rationality & do not do illegal stuff or even suicidal.

For all we know what’s coming may be just another viral commercial for the coming movie(s).

However, it’s always wise to do preparation to a certain extend.

Decided to remove Colleen Thomas’s videos as her videos does include some religious claims which cannot be easily proven to be true and her “alien” story seems too far fetched.

Mike – patrioticspace
A very researched based video blogger however may need to skim through all the details

Alex Jones – Conspiracy
Famous for his conspiracies & talks

I must add that all you see above are just “some” of the videos I can find but note that I do not have all the evidences to declare they are all accurate & true.

Simply make up your own mind about the above videos & think what you can do to prepare for anything from chemical spray to massive Earthquakes and etc.

If you have more videos that you want me to check it out & place here as potential causes of Mass Animal Death, do comment below.