Time Traveler Found?

I am surfing a forum in Baidu and found an interesting thread about a forum poster (name X from the future) claimed to be from a near future, he posted a “prediction” or “history” to prove that he is real.

Let me quote what he said in the first post in English on the date: 13th June 2010 12:04

I come from the near future, I know that many people will take my words as a joke, I would like to first give us some evidence of the facts.

I have given evidence of very simple, the world’s most concerned about the World Cup finals will be both the Netherlands and Spain, the Netherlands beat Spain 2-1, Sneijder and another substitue that you could not guess scored the winning goals.

I hope my words do not spread to South Africa before the World Cup finals, otherwise I fear that the mentality of the affected players, which changed history.

A month later I will come back, then I hope you all like to believe that my remarks about the future!

Another Quote found in the thread posted 13th June 2010 12:25

Want to know the future situation, you can try your mailbox telling me I can send some of the Dutch World Cup, photos and video, but you have to look after the removal, because you should know

I will monitor the thread and see what else he mentioned & report to this post as & when I found them.

Update: I scanned through the posts of many people at first think this is a fraud & some believe it’s real & left their email contacts for X to send “Dutch World Cup Photos” presumably their winning photographs & videos. However, there are nobody releasing these photographs in the forum proving or disproving what X had mentioned in the first post.

As the date draws nearer, more people analyzed the “prediction” and many had doubts but gradually became a believer & claim X as God but reminded that he will be back AFTER the world cup ended …supposedly 2-1 Win for Netherlands (Holland).

If this is REAL, many people will win lot’s of money and come to that forum thread to find X for him to reveal more of the future events. This will be either a let down or a extremely exciting possibility.

I shall monitor more and awaits “X from the future” (X来自未来) to reappear!