Weird Dream 2

Today I had another weird dream, yesterday after not sleeping until afternoon 1pm (because I slept too much previous afternoon) I was unable to go to bed due to sudden call by a client for a urgent tech support request at 1pm (Some internet failure to connect, USB problems).

Almost collapsing in the MRT from Tampinese Station to Bukit Gombak MRT (1 hour + ride), I finally reached home & quickly took a shower….while I upload a review video on to my mac mini…that I had filmed previously on the same day.

My body muscles are aching badly due to the jog I had the same day, full body fatigue.

I collapsed onto my bed & went to sleep.

The dream began strangely.

A group of my old secondary school mates & me were suddenly “transported” into a parallel universe in a blink of an eye, we were in the same “hotel” or some kind of “hostel” that have attaching “shopping center”.

How I know it’s an parallel universe? It’s the same place we are at but suddenly the public just disappeared! Leaving only my old school mates in the same place looking spooked!.

We searched high & low for others but cannot find anyone else, nobody…not even the shopping center…strangely a “kids department”.

First, we are chilling in the shopping center & I had a strange idea…to communicate with the other side.

I’m thinking if I could arrange a rows of “alphabets toys” into a series of words, will the other people in the “parallel universe” see it?

Before I can do it, I was looking at some of my friends chilling at the secret hotel open air room size balcony that only available at the corner room of this hotel.

Then I shout “I want to have my OWN ROOM!” (seemingly everyone were sharing rooms! Hmmm) as we all run out of the balcony at the same time seeking for our own room haha.

Someone ran ahead of me and opened the furthest door…he popped back out & said “This one got people!”

Then the dream flashes me back to a helicopter pilot, that was flying normally then suddenly zapped into the parallel universe and he crashed landed on some water.

The dream then ended with me opening my eyes at 2.35am (just) feeling kind of weird…uneasy but weird. Not nightmare kind of feeling but just simply weird. LOL