Weird Dream!

I stayed up last night till morning (I think 7 am) today and collapsed in fatique on my bed and just woken up at 3.30pm.

I had the strangest dream!!

In the dream I was with a friend investigating an high level apartment, the lift system looked very ancient or it’s just weird.

The lift is a two rope system hanging at the side of the building carrying a metal lift with see through grills. (Very much like the type you see in ferris wheel but more dangerously looking.)

As I entered the lift on the first floor…it rocked weirdly as if it’s ballance on the side of a single pole and any wrong moves the lift could possibly tip over.

Me & my “partner” (I think a fellow guy) entered the lift & balanced ourselves as the lift moved!

(I’m not sure if my partner pressed any button or not but it’s not me)

As the lift reached the roof top area, it stopped & we saw a kid (I think it’s felmale Indian kid no bigger then 5 years old) reaching out to us.

We stretched our hands & climbed up the roof (which rocked the lift almost tipping over) but the kid looked horrified.

The kid tried to go to the lift after we climbed over and before the kid touches the lift…the lift went down leaving the poor kid hanging by the side of the building…and the kid disappeared.

On the rooftop we realized we had made a serious error, there’s no button to recall the lift back up!

After that, we saw there were actually more people on the roof…seemingly trapped.

There were many rubbish around and looks like there’s no escape route, one even tried to break into a hole on the roof top but end up in a water filled hole.

The building was like 30 to 40 levels high in the dream…so there’s pretty high wind.

There were many unsuccessful attempts by others (who were there ealier before us) to escape, many disappeared over the ledge.

I found myself alone sitting on the center of the roof rocking like a baby.

“Simon! Simon!”

I heard an familiar voice (someone I knew in Army, my officer in real life)

He was shouting at the next building next to mine!

It’s weird to hear him (It’s a dream after all)

Within a minute, he threw a long rope on to my roof amazingly reached my side with left overs (That must be a VERY impossible task!)

In my mind then was how am I able to tie myself to it & not die from the fall…before my eyes opened in real life…gilmmer of afternoon light shone into my eyes.

Wow, I had survived! I’m no longer trapped but lying on my bed comfatably but with my fan blowing chilly air on my body.

I wondered if the dream’s ending have anything to do with my waking up…but regardless…it’s a strange & weird dream