2012 (2009) Ultimate Movie Review


Yes, the ultimate disaster movie is on the movie screen in Singapore today! Yes! I managed to book the ticket early at a later time of 9.45pm on a Thursday night even thou I know it’s a 2 hours & 30+ minutes movie. It’s worth EVERY PENNY that I had paid for the extra $1 online booking fees, the $17 taxi ride home and the $4.5 PC lan game I played while waiting 2 hours for the movie to start. Not to mention the popcorn & lemon tea combo & the KFC dinner that I could have avoided for a cheap meal.

Eagerly I waited outside the theater 15 minutes before the theater 3 was ready for us to enter and I can see lot’s of people holding on to their tickets with fire in their eyes almost wanting to peel the skin of the guy guarding the entrance. (A scene hard to forget too)

The moment the theater 3 light flashed we rushed towards the poor guy with outstretched hand to “tear the tickets” and rushed into the entrance like mad.

Strangely the popcorn booth is inside the entrance and I managed to buy the popcorn (sweet) combo & a non-fizzy drink and enter the theater by then is almost half filled.

I placed my popcorn & drinks onto my seat L10 and proceed quickly to the toilet in the theater knowing it will be a LONG movie and need to relieve myself before the start of the movie.

The movie have few normal commercials but I know everyone just too happy to be inside this theater to even care about the commercials, strangely I can’t remember if there is any trailers AT ALL! I don’t remember seeing any!

hahaha It was like as thou the cinema operators knew we won’t even want to watch other movie trailers and started the crisp digital theater THX sound test with effective vibration on my legs. (Cinema at Cathay Orchard)

The movie finally started………


Here come the review, the cast are excellent…the dialogues are engaging, the acting 1st class and the effects….MAN!! The effects BLOWN ME AWAY! I seldom cry at awesomeness but this movie’s special effects just convinced my tear ducts that it’s OK to cry ….it’s the end of the world after all.

I will not go into details about the plots & what happened but I may start on the theory about the movie.

If you google the word “2012” you might get lot’s of details that might or might not appear in the movie but as you know there are lot’s of scientific theories or even documentaries to tell us the world is about to end and it all coincides on the year 2012.

One such webby is the wikipedia which gave all details possible to form almost a “convincing truth” about our coming future.

The official movie website too is filled with all kinds of music, trailers, information and even iPhone Applications!

This movie is for the theater experience and not for the torrents, it’s best watched on high definition digital theaters with loud …I mean LOUD theaters

All I can say now is go watch it and book early since after today’s 1st wave of “enlightened” movie goers, I can safely bet tomorrow’s viewers will be snapping up the tickets way earlier with online booking!

I give this movie a 10 stars over 10 stars for entertainment, special effects, background research on this 2012 phenomenal.

Luckily this is just a movie…but what comes next in the next 3 years is up to you. Just say your prayers.