How to make a $5 DIY External Hard Disk enclosure

I had woken up with sun shine on my face & it’s another day of my life :D

Today, I had decided to make a difference…my table is getting really untidy and it’s very very irritating to be playing & working on a untidy table.

After eating lunch while watching the latest episode of Nikita, I cleaned up my table & DIY a hard disk enclosure! :D

I had been planning for the External Hard disk enclosure for two days, I bought the plastic case yesterday at the neighborhood shops near bukit batok MRT beside kopitiam for just SGD $5!!

Then I used a heavy duty scissors to “drill” some holes on the top of the casing in a systematic design, subsequently I used a pocket knife to cut holes in between the drawers for ventilation & for the USB cables to pass through.

The design concept goal is simple, to hide all the untidy cables & external hard disk from my already messy table.

Here’s the result! :D

Most people will ask me how to solve the heat problem first I drills holes on the top & in between the slots.

Then I found a usb laptop fan that can fold the legs in so it fit neatly below the DIY HDD enclosure!

This way the enclosure heat can dissipate upwards and everything should work properly for some time.