Facebook blocks me from posting to groups or join new groups…no reason(s) given

3.05 pm 2nd December 2017, Facebook popped up a notification to me telling me that I have been blocked from joining Facebook groups or posting to groups.






I try & test posting to my own group and sure enough I cannot even post anything to my own groups that I had created.







I checked my email…is that the email that started this? I’m not sure…but Facebook didn’t tell me the actual reason of the block so I can only speculate.







Personally, if Facebook can be transparent about what I had done wrong…I won’t be that angry…but it’s getting ridiculous.

First youtube come up with the yellow $ icon to restrict me from earning the first few hundred views of my video which is basically everything in my new youtube channel.

Then come this Facebook block, it felt like the online social media giants is going against common folks like me, a youtuber…

At least communicate well with your block & ban so that we the people won’t feel bullied for no reasons.