Google, Apple, Facebook & Twitter

Google is a very respected company based on search based advertising company & have lot’s of successful products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Map and Andriod.

They do have many others interesting innovation at Google Labs that have some high & lows of Internet technology that includes Google Wave & Buzz.

However, innovations or inventions is always a long struggle of try and error! Recently they released HotPot which allows anyone to rate almost anything in the location you seek!! OMG This is excellent!

You can’t rate the same item twice as it’s tied to your google account but you can always revise your review & ratings over time! :D

This service is available in Android mobile platform but I do hope they can release it on the iOS platform as well! :D

Another latest Google related release is for the ladies of the world!! Here’s, this Google shopping for the females fashion clothes & accessories is going to be a great way to shop online via Google.

My complaints is there are no products for the guys!! >_< Apple latest installment is finally getting "Beatles" on iTunes, new updates to iTunes & Mac OSX and currently everything still very very secretive about when the next iOS 4.2 is going to be released. iOS 4.2 is suppose to finally un-fragment the iOS versions between the iPad, iPhone & iPodTouch which will finally release the burden for developers to release applications with a standardize operating system. The question is why there's 2 Gold master version for iOS 4.2, the speculation is that they are trying to add in last minute changes to remove the jail break hole(s). The "orientation lock" changing to mute switch is basically to make it "standardize" with the iPhone however I do hope Apple can make a option for both iPhone & iPad to change the function of the "mute switch" to "orientation lock" and back. The other silent release is small amendments in iTunes Ping! to allow user to share your Ping! activity to Twitter!

This means Apple had given up on creating a new social network and instead created a music “network” only to showcase music and found out there are not much “social” features.

Apple maybe are trying to have a closed wall garden on their first social network and will not allow SPAM or nonsenses conversational threads but most social networks don’t closed off those but allow users to control who they follow or friend with and set their privacy according to their liking.

I wish Apple can create a new way of doing social network that can suddenly trump both facebook & twitter at the same time that don’t just deals with music but EVERYTHING else.

Facebook just releases a “” messaging services which I personally haven’t tried yet but thinking that it will be “different” from normal email services does scare me a bit.

Email to me is usually separated with social networking as it’s usually use for personal & work and it’s already overloaded by SPAM advertisement by unknown marketers online.

Of course, there will be SPAM filter or “Privacy” controls but will user prefer it more than Gmail?

I had abandoned many email accounts due to the fact that the new email have better features such as bigger email storage, fast web based access, great SPAM filters and more but will I abandon it to new facebook email?

I am not sure, most likely I will get a facebook email but forward the email back to my gmail because maybe it does not have some features that Gmail already have.

Twitter’s Official Analytics Product is coming out soon at end of 2010 which will give you a way to find out about which tweets are most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow, and who the most influential users are that reply and retweet their messages.

This analytic can finally be used by millions of people to find many statistic that can benefit not just individuals to find influential friends, but also for businesses to find what’s trending & who are the ones that can potentially help them with branding & marketing via twitter.

This might just be the money spinner for Twitter but by how much I am not sure.