I think I got burglarized & almost got conned in an employment scam?

20th March 2011

Last year 2010, a guy from twitter (let’s name him Mr B) DM me (direct message) requesting to buy my old WIFI iPad 64GB at the price I mentioned on twitter which I cannot remember.

He met me at an MacDonald in Singapore to complete the transaction, he finally bargained down the price to $900 and paid in full cash! I find it weird but it’s money so I think nothing of it then.

Subsequently, he asked for my services to do many things for him like jailbreaking his iPad & many things I do for him for free & treated him like a friend.

He then told me of this job that he wanted to introduce me to and it’s at first it’s APPLE, then suddenly a few weeks later he says Google is asking for me to go India but I declined his offer after much consideration but later I “WANTED” to go but Apple comes back into the picture.

He confirmed with me that APPLE is considering hiring me for some kind of application review position but decline to let me contact APPLE directly to confirm the good news, stupidly I listened to him.

He claimed to have a son in Japan and always have him call him at 10pm every night and even get emotional about it.

Later there’s a string of really devastating or “unlucky events” happened to him

  1. He claimed that his wife is divorcing him and summon him to court in Singapore with a group of Lee & Lee lawyers to take more then 50% of his assets.
  2. With the divorce case in progress, he claimed that the court suspended his work in Nomura (Japanese investment firm) because of fear that he will hide his asset within one or many of his trading.
  3. His company supposedly asked him to hand over everything including his company condo that he supposedly stayed previously near Jalan Besar Swimming Complex (stadium)
  4. he claimed that because of the court case he cannot spend money that have paper trails but from day one I know him he ONLY uses cash….not after the court case.
  5. he claimed that his wife send a Private Investigator and followed him around and even called him to tell him that he is BEING followed.
  6. he claimed that M1 had charged him $300 data usage as he never sign up for any data plan for his new iPhone 4.

I was then 2 + months without a job and my savings going to zero during this time he stayed in my house supposedly wanting to record my ideas for Apple but end up him getting sick & doing his own work in my spare room.

When he left I found out many things disappeared like my

  • iPhone charging cable
  • iPod Touch Apple Original earphone
  • Camera connection kit for iPad
  • My Favorite belt
  • flipHD camera

I tried emailing him, talkbox (iphone app) him, and I get his son’s sms he flew to Japan (so claim his son sms) to relocate his son to a “safer” region of Japan and will be back at the end of March 2011.

I called his mobile number, ring ring ring (local ring tone) and someone picked up and sounded like himself “Hello hello hello” and hanged up.

His son SMS me via mobile using a USA postal code +1 (302) which I traced it to “Mediafriends, I” at Wilmington United States at Cape Fear Community College. (Using iPhone app “TrueCaller“)

His son’s SMS claimed that his father (Mr B) is in Japan now and “without a mobile phone but only with his iPAD”, his iPhone is now with his son and the his mobile number had “supposedly” redirected to his son’s Japan Tokyo’s house land line.

I am very curious why his son is using a mobile number from a USA postal code…this must be wrong.

I am really curious, why me…if this is an employment scam…I got NO MONEY to scam for sending fees for VISA application I GOT NO JOB for 2 months plus for goodness sake.

Now I need to confirm several things

  1. He claimed to be an expert witness for Karen Goh in the court case between Karen Goh vs Kim Eng Securities anyone can confirm his name?
  2. He claimed to be working for a Japanese investment bank call Nomura and stationed in Singapore which I am not sure if he is.
  3. He claimed to have a big divorce case in Singapore whom his wife uses Lee & Lee lawyers. Who can confirm this?

The question is, without saying who he is, did anyone else ENCOUNTER such person let me know.

p.s. I am not going to report police as I am still giving him a benefit of the doubt until proven guilty, but the more I research the more I find it’s weird.

My prayers is for a better future and won’t get conned again.

21st March 2011 Update
His son emailed back using his dad’s email account and said that the USA sms number is from an application from Heywire but the attachment he sent me make it more weird than it is.

Yes, it is possible that both his son’s iPhone 4 & Mr B’s iPad can be using the same Heywire number but very weird that his son don’t have his own sms number but must use his father’s email, his father’s iPad, his father’s heywire number to contact me which begs the question if his son is real or not.

There are other details in another email from “his son” encrypted using an iOS application call “Secret” which I’m not going to reveal for now unless it’s really necessary.

Yes those email may become evidences in court in the future if necessary and I did not delete ANY email from him like he told me previously to do so.