Just discovered Facebook Jail.

I had just discovered the possible reasons for being restricted from posting to groups or join any groups even if the group is created by you.

Facebook Jail.

Not technically a real jail but something equivalent for Facebook as a way to restrict your ability to post things.

How? It seemed that anyone can report YOUR post(s) to send you into Facebook jail without human oversight…it can be anyone like your friends trying to troll you, your mortal enemy, your colleagues, fellow Facebook group member(s) or someone just don’t like you.

It’s similar to the phenomenal of Swatting where members of the public can hoax report a crime and request the swat team assistance to break into the house of live streamers who have revealed their home address to public…and viewers can see live the whole event taking place…as swat team cuff the live streamer.

The question now is, does trolls falsely reporting you to Facebook for spam or other violation to throw you into “Facebook jail”, a violation by itself?

Does Facebook PUNISH anyone who falsely report people for violation?

Is there any human oversight for flagged posts to see if it’s indeed a violation before implementing the punishment?

IF there are ZERO human oversight to verify if the flag post is a violation, does it mean ANYONE can bully their enemy or bully victim(s) RANDOMLY just because they can?

However, all these are still considered as speculation as seeing how secretive Facebook is when punishing their users…with ZERO REASONS GIVEN.

Hell, I can claim any conspiracy theories out there from illuminati, New World Order, Alien invasion, Alt-Right Nazi, or Artificial Intelligence had finally taken over Facebook and used it as they wish…to punish people randomly…and throw them into Facebook Jail.

The truth is out there…until Facebook can clarify their reasons for the ban.