Looking into the future of internet media sharing – Simon Tay

I foresee the future…

In a few years time, there will be no more MPAA or RIAA or record labels or Hollywood.

In their replacement comes

1. Independent artists (Basically anyone with a talent)
2. Independent & outsourced technical specialist for music/movie production
3. Internet marketing via media portals like youtube, blip.tv and various other media streaming sites.

My suggestions to technical nerds listen up.

1. Advertise your expertise online on blogs or freelancer sites on music/movie editing/producing.
2. Showcase your works on youtube and or other media streaming sites and put a contact link
3. Put your price online

My suggestions to artist with talents

1. Kill your contract if any with labels or studios.
2. Become independent freelancer artist
3. Become your own producer
4. Learn as much as possible all technical know how from youtube to use softwares like garageband or iMovie.
5. Experiment with viral marketing

My suggestions to future streaming sites

1. Have a good automated system to check videos/audios upload to compared with registered copyrighted materials.

2. If found inform the uploader of the “Great” earning opportunity to put more descriptive “tags” of where the music/video is from, who the material belongs to, what quality it’s being copied (DVD/BlueRay/CD & etc), What category it belongs to (Horror, Comedy, Scifi Etc), self subtitle the video (more $)

3. Pay 90% advertising revenue to original copyright holders, 5 – 9% to media streaming host site, 1 – 5% to up-loader. (Depending on how much info the uploader provides like subtitles & above)

4. Uploader won’t get paid if the content (movie or audio) is duplicated content that’s already available at that site uploaded by others (of the same quality eg. DVD) but will remain payable to copyright holder & host (90% holder 10% host)

5. If songs are “covers” of existing songs e.g. youtube singers singing popular songs online will be given 30% ownership of the copyright holding of that cover while the original singer holds 70%.

6. If music are used for back ground sounds/music for videos then the same will apply 70% of the copyright goes to the music owner

7. If the music & movie are totally original from the uploader, the hosting streaming site gets 10% fixed & the rest goes to the content creator at 90%.

This system give the incentives to upload to servers in the future to be “employed” as “distributors” instead of illegal uploader.

The reason why this system works because without this system, with the terabytes of hard disk gets cheaper & faster bandwidth….it’s quite possible to host privately own servers at home with good encryptions shared download links with private individuals with password lock.

However, if websites/host pay users to upload self curated media contents to their servers…NO ONE will upload to torrent anymore…eliminating piracy totally.

Consumers will play streaming music & movies with advertising much like the ones on youtube or blip.tv now, with very specific targeted audience and information about “registered” users…advertisers will put more quality advertising to such media streaming sites!

Consumers can also PAY a monthly subscriptions to the service for no commercials when viewing but subscription pricing models like variable pricing model OR high fixed pricing model.

Variable pricing model = (no. of video clips & music played per month) x potential advertising revenue
Fixed pricing model = High but fixed subscription cable tv pricing model per month
Free viewing = short videos have bottom pop up ads, medium length videos can have video advertising that can be skipped after 5 seconds, long videos can have full 25 -30 seconds advertising in between 30 minutes intervals.

THERE WILL BE COMPETITION to such online streaming media sites and the competition will be fierce depending on the infrastructure and user base.

1. Youtube – already established online viewer based both on desktops & mobile (Faster to approve videos but lower quality)
2. Amazon – Video purchase/subscription can easily add advertising model
3. Netflix – Same
4. iTunes – Same but with better curated contents by both uploader & content creators & Apple (Slower to approve but better quality)
5. Others – streaming sites are popping up everywhere

Other pirated sites in other countries have no choice but to follow the same system.

1. Piracy – Eliminated
2. Content accessibility – GLOBALIZED.
3. Profitability – EVERYONE WINS.