Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

This movie “The Fourth Kind” tries to recreate a “documentary” movie style mixed in with “real” video & audio footage created a fantastic modern yet believable movie that tries to convince the audience that such things do happen all the time.

My first reaction to this movie is shock & awe with a wave of tingling hair standing at the back of my hair as me myself had witness Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky before I can fully relate to the experiences portrayed in the movie starred by Milla Jovovich (Fifth Element, Resident Evil).

I can catch a glimpse of Milla Jovovich Fifth Element lines “Please please” half expecting her to say “Multi-Pass” LOL. Anyway, this movie you have to go into the theaters with a OPEN mind, don’t read reviews, don’t watch the trailers, don’t analyze or proof it’s real or not.


———— Don’t read the following until you had seen the movie—————-

Entertainment wise the movie deliver a fantastic thumbs up for imaginative people like me enough to compare it to the movie “Paranormal Activity” or “The Exorcist” with simple but believable plot but it can be improved.

After the movie, I feel there are some parts of the acting are deliberately poor to purposely create a more believable “REAL” footage compared to the reenactment footage hence many complaint about the poor acting of some of the actors but to me they are all GOOD acting as they gave the “REAL” video footage much more credibility.

The idea that the movie is based on TRUE story or events are simply a irresponsible because it’s NOT a REAL story but the circumstances & experiences of some of the events portrayed may be REAL but the “Real” video footage are simply fake.

The impact of this movie may be two extremes, more ordinary folks will starts to get interested in the subjects of UFO encounters, alien abductions and the paranormal but on the other hand may increase the skepticism bar on actual video footage of the REAL encounters causing more distress to witnesses that want people to believe their experiences and they may get more ridicule even thou they have REAL video & audio footage.

The question now is how people believe video footage anymore as evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial?? Ok, leaving the feelings aside and focus on the movie…yes the movie does have some trivial to take note.

  1. Note that Cindy Stracinski mentioned that there are 2 suicides & murders within months earlier in the movie indicating that they KNOW that Will Tyler death is actually suicide before it’s being revealed
  2. Ronnie Tyler (Abbey Tyler’s Son) know in the beginning that Will Tyler (his father) died of suicide hence ask his mother “How did father died?” but hushed by Abbey Tyler instead
  3. The false memory of the “murder” of Will Tyler are speculated to be imprinted into Abbey Tyler’s mind by aliens due to a failed abduction attempt
  4. Abbey Tyler “Real” footage interview at the end of the movie shows she is in a special wheelchair that indicated that she is paralyzed too from her own “hypnosis” misadventure.
  5. The Sumerian depicted in the movie are real and does have statues that looks weird & looks very much like aliens & spaceships
  6. There are REAL alien abductions in the world but remains hidden because of fear of ridicule but many do have unknown implants removed from their body
  7. The reason why Ashley Tyler was taken away forever probably because she is a “failed” experiment by the alien.
  8. “The Fourth Kind,” is a reference to scientist J. Allen Hynek’s famous categories involving the sightings of UFOs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind also referred to this scale.
  9. According to promotional materials from Universal, the film is framed around a psychologist named Abigail Tyler who interviewed traumatized patients in Nome. However Alaska state licensing examiner Jan Mays says she can’t find records of an Abigail Tyler ever being licensed in any profession in Alaska. Ron Adler, CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Denise Dillard, president of the Alaska Psychological Association say they’ve never heard of Abigail Tyler. Web sites for an “Alaska Psychiatry Journal” and “Alaska News Archive” containing references to Tyler were created by the film’s producers, but were outed as hoaxes when it was discovered they were registered a month before the film’s release and the purported author of one of the archived news articles stated she had never written it.
  10. The movie’s hoaxed interviews have angered the families of real missing persons in and around Nome, Alaska, for trivializing their loss. Melanie Edwards, Vice President of Kawerak Inc (an organization representing tribal peoples in Alaska) described the movie as “insensitive to family members of people who have gone missing in Nome over the years”. Universal has refused to discuss the movie with that organization or with local journalists.