Problems of both Android ICS and iOS 5

Personally I haven’t tried Android before but there’s probably some problems I don’t like about Android.

  1. Google can give your personal information to the court in an heartbeat.[1]
  2. Google control every aspect of your life – email, music, storage, social, voice & soon your wallet…and you won’t be surprise why google logo appeared during presidential election.[1]
  3. Too many android phones with different Android versions cause problems with security updates across all platforms [1]
  4. Too many online market places that sells apps give trojan horses malware easy access.[1]
  5. What happen if you forgets to charge your 2nd battery? [1]
  6. Did anyone test the face unlock feature with a photograph of the owner?
  7. Bigger screen or not is just a personal preference not a “advantage”.
  8. Customizability is a pain especially for tech support especially for the fragmented Android OS versions. (I know because I do tech support)
  9. Gmail, google voice, google+ and all google products IS OWN BY GOOGLE. I can’t imagine you using Apple products in your Android phones so don’t compare if the apps are badly done in iOS. (I wonder why sometimes people do that)

I’m not trying to flame google but those ARE my fears when trying to make decisions when upgrading my smart phones.

However, iOS is not without it’s own problems like

  1. Apple launched their updates at the same time across the world without consideration of causing virtual “Denial of service” by millions of iOS users trying to update at the same time. (They should stagger their release or build more robust delivery system)
  2. iMessage still not cross platform messaging app but many other iOS apps takes up the slack from Whatsapp, Line, eBuddy, Skype, fring, facebook, twitter, KakaoTalk, PingChat!, TalkBox, CloudTalk, Blipr, cnectd, Viber, Message Now and many others.
  3. The love & hate relationship with jailbreakers that both provide innovation & customizability to iOS platform but denied technical support if things fails horribly. (Do any android user get support from google from over tinkering? I am not comment)
  4. Only integrate twitter into the native support on iOS, I do hope Apple can give users the option to add other social networks like facebook, google+ and many other social bookmarking services.
  5. iCloud cost money if you want more than 5GB storage space for mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data. (However purchased music, apps, books, and TV shows, as well as your Photo Stream are not counted in that 5GB limit which is great)
  6. Photostream photographs cannot be individually deleted, it can only be totally deleted if you turn it off on both your computer (browse to & click on your name & reset photostream) and turn off your photostream on your iOS.

There are pros & cons on both side of the competition & I probably missed some but usually these are based solely on personal preference & cannot be used for justification for other people’s opinions. :D

iCloud tip : If you find your wireless backup to iCloud is exceeding the 5GB limit and gotten an email from Apple, try to clear some of the big video files in your camera roll first then proceed to find out what’s your largest file size applications in Settings -> General -> Usage.

There you can delete that application that you no longer use, you can always download them again in the future for free.