Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – movie review!

Holy shit! This movie totally rocks! Yes! Finally a action comedy movie with enough action & comedy that makes me literary LOL!!

To be honest, I haven’t really get to know about the legacy of what Scott Pilgrim is all about until I saw this movie!

According to wikipedia, Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The graphic novel got huge & apparently the game is created in PS3 & Xbox Live Arcade too with similar background as Scott Pilgrim!

This movie have one of the most awesome fight sequences & special effects that is finally COOL compared to all other Hollywood adaptation of game fight sequences!

There are so many delicious cast in this movie that makes it so “pretty” & attractive to keep watching and the music is AWESOME!!

I simply can’t get enough!!

The live of Scott Pilgrim is simply so weird yet super cool!
The battle of the bands depiction in the movie really brings out the coolness factor with all the spectacular colors & graphics!

DO NOT WATCH THIS IN 3D, go for 2D as most of the movie is shot in 2D hence it’s best leave that dark 3D glasses away and buy the 2D version! :D

This is going to rock your world! :D

4 out of 5 Stars!