Should there be dramatic changes to ferry designs after South Korea Ferry disaster?

One week had passed since the sinking of the South Korean ferry Sewol sank April 16 during a routine transit from Incheon to the resort island of Jeju.

Firstly, I like to extend my sincere condolence to all the family & love ones of the victims and I am praying desperately for any miracle to happen.

After much reviewing lot’s of footages & news of the disaster, I realised that there are many problems with the ferry’s design.

If I am able to design a ferry, I will take the likelihood of sinking as part of the consideration of the ship’s design and maximise the survivability of the passengers.

The ferry should design in such a way that passenger can walk or climb to safety even if it’s side ways or at an steep anger or even upside down much like in spaceships.

The design should include gravity powered rope ladder at the sides of each railings so that passenger can climb up side ways to the railings easily.

Each door should also have a gravity powered drop rope ladder to be deployed so that passenger can climb out of the cabins when the boat is sideways.

Maybe the cabins can auto detach from the ferry and float like a small boat?

Should there be extensive tests on survivability of large ferry and sink them on purpose to test the design for survivability?

Lastly, should there be automatic emergency broadcast system to guide people to the right place on the ferry without the control of the crew?

I think there should be a video to be shown what to do during an emergency situation to be shown to everyone and enough crew members to answer questions when required before the ferry starts it’s journey.

Is it possible to design to make part of the ship detachable?

So if there is a sudden unbalance of the ship, the captain can decide to “detach” the cargo hold with “extreme cost obviously” to save the lives of all the passengers.

All the above obviously are just part of my imagination of what the future ships should be designed so that the passenger can survive in a catastrophic disaster similar to what had happened.