Survival for the next 9 days with almost zero cash

Yet I smile. :DĀ 

Knowing that I am almost out of cash in the bank, it’s almost to the last penny…after the insurance deduct it via Giro.

Note: only this month is terrible because of that ^&*$$^%#@ web hosting decided to charge me this month for bi-annual charge for 2 years of hosting my websites which I seldom update LOL!! >_<

No, I’m not writing to get your attention for pity.

In fact I am smiling from ear to ear that I can afford to go penniless for once in my life, because of my new found “hobby” or should I say passion.

Yes, it’s dumpster diving…oh no I don’t dive into the dumpster per say but I have a tongs to pick stuff up when needed…but yeah I have to find out more longer tongs to reach to the bottom of the dumpsters.

I had just started dumpster diving (Thanks Colin Lau & Daniel Tay from Freegan in SingaporeĀ Facebook group) and still a newbie to this, at first it’s really fun like a RPG game that you can grind for stuff in people’s trash like opening treasure chest in every trash dumping location.

You will never know why people threw away stuff that’s still clean & usable like a perfect pillow with just some water stains, super thick bed mattress that’s almost new, working rice cooker, dehumidifier, fan, steamer and more.

I have seen broken chairs that can be easily fixed with a few metal plates & screws and will look brand new, tables that are salvageable with a table mat, android tablet with dead battery that can be repaired with battery replacement which can be purchase cheaply on

With every trash, there is some value.

I had sold stuff on carousell that nobody think there are valuable like old cassette tape casings for phone stand, used badminton rackets, repaired cat scratching pole and more.

The feeling of giving out stuff that’s usable is really amazing,

I had given out vegetables, toys, stationaries, iPod Mini, book stand, ladies high heels shoes, N95 masks, and more!

If you are interested in some of the stuff that I am giving away feel free to message me at or twitter @simontay78 or telegram @simontay78.

Dumpster diving pushed me to use some of my old skills to repair stuff like electronics, reinstalling computer, DIY repair on chairs & tables, reuse old stuff in other ways like those trashed ikea white board as a notice board on my room door for my dad to issue errand instructions.

There are pros & cons to this passion.

Pros: you get all the freedom in the world, able to recycle & reuse trash while enjoying the process is a great feeling, I never exercise that often because of my Asthma but dumpster diving is really a great workout but is the satisfying type.

Cons: I have yet to find 100% ways to earn enough to pay all my bills, my house is being overwhelmed with stuff and almost borderline hoarder now. (Ok ok I’m full fledge hoarder now)

Sometimes waiting for people to collect stuff that I give away can be tiring as I don’t sleep at normal hours and they can cancel the collection at any time since they think the stuff is free.

I solved the problem with a collection area outside my house but I do need a better storage method to share stuff for people like a big cupboard with combination lock so I can give the lock combination to people I want to give to….like those lockers…HMMMmmmMMmm Time to find a trashed locker! :D