Thinking of futuristic gadgets

Future, are we in the future right now? Yes we are.But how new futuristic products get innovated? I think it’s innovated by science fiction movies & television shows in the past that tried their best to solve tomorrow’s problems using gadgets.

From Star Trek tablets that can video conference and their medical scanning devices call Tricorder to current science fiction movies like Minority Report’s hand gesture to control a computer to predict future crimes.

However, I think everyone reading this can also innovate something by thinking out of the box to solve the problem with your own DIY.

If you can’t DIY, you may want to gather a group of people to think of solutions. Not many people want to crack their head to solve the most nagging problems that surrounds them and chose to live with the problems as if it’s NORMAL.

For me, if it’s a problem…it’s time to think of a solution.

Question is does current gadgets improvements really solve the problems of tomorrow? Hmmm

I will list out a couple of potential problems that will make someone super rich…if they find the right solutions.

  1. Global warming – if you cannot stop the world warming up, maybe a gadget to survive the increasing heat
  2. Rewarding creators of content as people pirate their contents – maybe an auto multi-level trickle down advertising revenue without telling those pirates who leech your video for youtube…and no need copyright take down.
  3. Auto driving that only helps on braking to avoid collision, maintain a fix distance between your vehicle & the one front vehicle regardless how hard you accelerate, auto parking (already have), Auto sense pedestrians & cyclist coming from any directions, screens at doors to see through it to show blindspots.
  4. Let’s transform Mars into habitable planet like right away by sending millions of automatic robots to push icy meteors into Mars to contribute more water to Mars.
  5. For communication between Mars, probably relay stations between Mars & Earth that maintained fixed position by going at a speed that allow to orbit the sun yet maintain it’s position. That way, communication can be faster.
  6. Brain sends electrical signal to muscles to move their body, why not decode those signals and put on a robot like the movie Avatar, put millions of sensors on the robots to send information to the human controller.
  7. There are mechanical bird now, why not human flying like a bird using brain to control the wings.
  8. New battery that have years of storage should be one of the best inventions ever.
  9. Long distance personal electric vehicle like electric unicycle will improve more in terms of comfort & range.

Do share what problems you face in life other then not earning enough money and let’s solve them!