Twitter should take the Google Deal

According to Business Insiders:

Facebook is emerging as a serious threat to Google’s core business, and Twitter is the only “social” company Google can buy that might have a chance of combating this.

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Twitter should take the $4 billion USD Google offer!!!!

Let’s list the reasons why

  1. Twitter needs a platform as robust as Google Search to display relevant real time twitter results with advertisement!
  2. Google needs a successful social network to display real time search results based on events happening now!
  3. Google MAY be able to recreate another social network with similar or better features in a short time if needed
  4. Twitter MAY get serious competition from other social networks like facebook as facebook employs more twitter like features.
  5. Twitter MAY comes out with their own search but will never be as relevant as Google indexed search with proper algorithm for better results but may be good for real time news results but may never be as profitable without a proper way to monetize the result page properly
  6. If twitter is integrated into google search result, Google shall have the ultimate source of information gathering center for real time & indexed information online! With a new algorithm of most “shared” sorting probably give both twitter & Google the edge against facebook

This is a win win situation for twitter but maybe twitter is waiting for something, maybe even a bigger price tag?

The situation is will Google offer more money for twitter or make one themselves? Twitter is popular as it revolutionize news aggregation, communications, social networking and more using just the 140 characters words with good & SIMPLE privacy controls but it still lacks other things that makes facebook a tough competitor.

It lacks

  1. Automatic shorten URL
  2. In-line image/video preview thumbnail
  3. URL “voting”, “like”, “digg” number in URL mouse-over highlight
  4. Youtube like “search options” to sort search results
  5. “Reply to all” option (for easier #followfriday #FF)
  6. Cross platform emotion icons (Similar to emoji icons)
  7. Real human trends that totally eliminate API auto generated bots tweets
  8. Better ranking system based on influence level and not quantity of followers
  9. I can think of a lot more…if I can sit down with twitter OR Google and brain storm