When social networks or giant online website goes against you…

Have you try contacting major internet websites like youtube, Facebook, google+, twitter for whatever reasons?

Did any human try to contact you and resolve the issue in a satisfying way?

99.9% I feel is nope, but I may be wrong.

Facebook currently punishes content posters or online sales people trying to make a living posting in Facebook groups they created themselves…by banning them from joining or posting in ANY GROUPS including those they made themselves.

That above is my assumption or maybe it’s because someone reported your posts in their groups…I simply do not know exactly how Facebook consider as violation of their rules or policies.

I checked my activity log just before I got the notice of restriction for posting or joining groups for 7 days.

From what I see…I had shared 3 postings. One to my secret group, one to a relevant group, another to my timeline.

THAT IS ALL I share the same link 3 times, is that the maximum someone can share the same link in a MAJOR social network like Facebook?

Does it mean in order to SHARE more…I have pay Facebook for “boosting” that link like those freemium games on mobile phones?

I feel someone in Facebook need to resolve this issue ASAP else Facebook will be losing my content over time…and more people who are influencers will leave if many of them face similar problems.

Solutions Facebook can implement.

1. Transparency – at least tell me what had been flagged as the problem so I can prevent it from happening…now I can only speculate it’s the 3 posts…which is not a lot.

2. Is it a mistake by Facebook? Check the appeals by HUMAN employees and remove the restrictions with apology for the machine learning mistake. Apology should have some kind of weight like few dollars worth of boosting advertising off….for the next boost.

3. Before implementing a punishment like ban….get a human to verify the flag before implementing the ban.

4. First ban should not be a week, it should be one day and slowly increase…for repeated offences. The problem is there are ZERO reasons given for the ban…that makes it more likely to repeat the mistake.

5. Is it a virus, before the ban…I got an message from a friend claiming the link to be a virus…which I had clicked…but so far nothing had been sent by me in Facebook messenger…so I am not sure if it’s the cause. Facebook should disable any link that’s reported to be virus…to be able to send via Facebook messenger.

6. Human Facebook employee to reply to help group common questions, someone empowered to resolve the problem must reply to common questions so that the problem doesn’t repeat.